Private Registration Numbers

We have a great selection of Private registration numbers, also called “cherished” registration numbers, which are currently on retention and available for immediate transfer. They can easily be allocated to your vehicle (if eligible) or bought as a gift to be given to someone else. These numbers are a great way to personalise your car, bike or van and can be used to show off your vehicle in style.

Up first we have “David Blain” or “Debbie Blain” from “Dublin”. A very special reg number from 1974 that will transform your vehicle. Retail price £5995 – Open to sensible offers.

Next we have “Pyjamas” or if you were born in 1923 and fancy treating yourself for your 100th birthday, this is the one for you. Retail price £499 – Open to sensible offers.

Calling all Audi S4 owners or anyone who has a Volvo S40 with the initials DB this one’s for you guys. Retail price £975 – Open to sensible offers.

This Northern Ireland reg number will transform the look of your vehicle and help you stand out from the crowd. Bargain priced non-age related private plate. – Retail £475 – Open to sensible offers.

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