13th July Skydive for Lollipop Charity

Matt n Laura new***13th July***

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Doing a Skydive has always been an ambition of mine. It’s been on the bucket list ever since I was a little Kid. I remember watching Roger Moore as James Bond getting thrown out of a plane in Moonraker with no parachute and thinking yeah I could do that…no worries!

Fast forward a few Years and suddenly the idea of jumping from a plane for fun seems like a ridiculous thing. Why would anyone want to do that right?…..

I guess the older we get the more fear takes hold and we pretend to ourselves that we never really wanted to do that thing in the first place. As terrifying as it is, this is something I feel I just have to do.

My sister Laura on the other hand isn’t phased in the slightest. Raising a child with severe physical and communication difficulties has meant that there’s not much life can throw at her that can scare her……



“For me having a child who finds verbal communication so difficult I had to rely on other forms of communication and learnt to sign. You have no idea how much harder life is when people can’t understand just a basic thing you want to ask for, it becomes increasingly more frustrating all the time. It was because of these challenges that I embraced sign language and wanted to help others in a similar situation and Lollipop has helped me and so many other families to do so.”

Laura Walker